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NOTICE: Unfortunately, we are unable to do CSA subscriptions this year

The definition of a CSA— Community Supported Agriculture
Subscription Produce Plan

CSA is a unique farming model with both social and economic benefits. It connects the customer directly with a local farm and farmer, via buying shares, and indirectly with a community of people dedicated to sustainable living. The system is based upon a desire to grow local economies, and protect and enrich agricultural land, all the while providing great-tasting food.

Benefits of Community Supported Agriculture Programs (CSA’S)
Subscription Produce Plan

1. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables—full of healthy nutrients grown by hands that love the land
2. High-quality Produce with varieties chosen for flavor and picked at peak ripeness
3. Helpful Recipes and Tips for the commodities included in the pack
4. Knowing your Grower—NFF is committed to sustainable agriculture through a variety of IPM programs
5. Your Grower is a member of MIFF's which is a collaborative effort to create and support sustainable
food and agriculture systems for producers and consumers in Michigan
6. Early Notification of other sales at the farm, plus periodic discounted specials on various farm activities

The benefit of this plan to Nottawa Fruit Farm is a guaranteed market for its produce and the advanced payment helps cover early-season operational costs.

View photos from a previous CSA Produce Season.

HOW does Nottawa Fruit Farm's Subscription Plan Work?

Nottawa Fruit Farm’s Community Supported Agriculture subscription program will provide 12 “Boxes” of fresh fruits and vegetables from June through October. The produce price to the customer at sign-up is $252. There is a *refundable deposit of $24 ($2 per box) making your total cost = $276. Partial subscriptions are available at $23 each, plus the $2 per box deposit. As you consider subscribing, and this sounds like too much produce at one time, may we suggest that you divide your share with a family member or friend.

HOW do I pick up my Specially—Prepared “Box“ of Produce?

Deliveries would be provided to any pick-up site that has at least 5 subscribers--however, distance would be a determining factor whether packs could be delivered. In 2015, Pick-Up sites were in Colon and Texas Corners. Otherwise, subscribers would be responsible for *picking up their "Box” at the Farm Market on designated days. Based on a typical (seasons could vary) growing season, plans are to have the following schedule:

JUNE - Two Pick-Ups or deliveries
JULY - Three Pick-Ups or deliveries
AUGUST - Three Pick-Ups or deliveries
SEPTEMBER - Three Pick-Ups or deliveries
OCTOBER - One Pick-Up or delivery

*Please Note: It is the subscriber's responsibility to pick up his/her share on the designated day; unfortunately, time constraints do not allow us to give "make-up" boxes unless prior arrangements have been made. Missed pick-ups will be donated to our local food bank - and no credit or refund will be issued for that particular box.

CSA Chart

If every Michigan family would buy just $10 a week of local Michigan fruits and vegetables, it would keep $37 million new dollars each week here in Michigan - Michigan Department of Agriculture.