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CSA Subscription Form

Nottawa Fruit Farm agrees to provide the subscriber with *12 boxes of Farm Fresh Produce in a typical growing season: June-2; July-3; August-3; September-3; October-1. Every attempt will be made to have a variety of fruits and vegetables depending on the growing season.

You will be notified of the exact dates per month determined on anticipated growing conditions at a later date. Due to the perishability of Farm-Fresh Produce, dates are tenative.




P.O. Box or Street/Road Address__________________________________________________


Valid E-Mail Address:__________________________________________ (Very Important)

Full Subscription Price is *$276.00; included in the total is a $24 deposit fee of which $2 will be returned for each set of returned containers. The subscriber will receive twelve (12) of the 'specially-prepared' boxes of fresh home-grown produce throughout the season (June-October). Partial subscriptions (your choice of months) are available at $23 each, plus the $2 deposit. Notification of 'Pick-Up Dates' is done via the newsletter enclosed with each box. Subscriber assumes full responsibility for his/her pick-ups. Standard Policy: If no prior arrangements have been made, a "missed pick-up" will be donated to our local Food Bank - and no refund or credit will be issued for that particular box.

I would like a Full Subscription of 12 Boxes for $276, includes deposit _____________(initials)

I would like a Partial Subscription of ________Boxes for $25, includes $2 deposit___________(initials).

I would like the following pick-up location _____________________________________. The determiner being that there are five subscribers at this location although mileage restrictions will apply. (In addition to the Farm, delivery sites in 2015 were Colon on Thursdays; *Texas Corners on either Tuesday or Saturday.)

Yes, I will pick up my boxes at the Farm Market on____________________(please choose a day to pick up that fits your schedule - Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday).


By May 15, 2016, please remit appropriate amount via personal check or credit card number with three digit code to:Nottawa Fruit Farm, 24878 M-86, Sturgis, MI 49091

Grower Signature_____________________________________________Date______________

A copy of this form with the grower's signature will be returned to you assuring your reservation and will serve as your confirmation. After payment, you will be notified via e-mail/phone of the date of first box; thereafter, subsequent boxes will contain your future pick-up dates.

*Texas Corners' subscribers will receive eight boxes ($176 + $16 dep = $192): June ~ August; pick-up days are either Tuesday or Saturday.