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Company Picnics

Nottawa Fruit Farm offers "Group Outing" packages which can include an all-you-can-eat picnic buffet and a full afternoon of family activities. The facilities are unequaled in the area for both privacy and rural serenity--a large outdoor pavilion, a bigger enclosed pavilion, seven horseshoe pits, and a volleyball court. The wholesome fun-filled activities are all supervised by NFF employees-no company personnel is required.

Hay Ride Fun

Your "Group" Experience Becomes a "Family" Experience!

Plan to come to the FARM for a summer afternoon of wholesome family activities and a wonderful picnic buffet this summer; it's a great way of rewarding employees' dedication and efforts for your company.


Nottawa Fruit Farm has been entertaining families and children since 1987. The owners' educational background has provided the expertise for the development of the following: School Tours, Church Groups, Bus Tours, Birthday Parties, Fall Family Fun, Company Picnics and a variety of small/large group gatherings.

Company Picnics at the Farm

Employees' families can enjoy a buffet and a summer afternoon of activities on the Farm!

The Company Picnic Package has your employees and their families spending an afternoon on the farm and includes an All-You-Can Eat Buffet with these menu items: Pork and Chicken BBQ's, Hot Dogs and Brats, Potato, Pasta and Macaroni Salads, Cole Slaw, Baked Beans, Fruit Salad, Grilled Fresh Sweet Corn, Potato Chips, Dessert Bars, Cupcakes, Lemonade, Punch, and Iced Tea.

Those Activities that are included in the "Company Picnic" package are: Hoop Shoot, Chipping Contest, Water Balloon Slingshot Contest, Strawberry Typhoon Balloon, Hayride, Farm Animals, Straw Tunnels, Musical "Chair"acters and the Children's Treasure Hunt. Companies are encouraged to personalize their Picnic by rewarding the contest winners and choosing and awarding their own Door Prizes. (Please note that scheduling needs to be done with respect to the Farm's other seasonal committments.)

Fee Structure:
125 (minimum) - 300 attendees--$12.00

Train Rides

Company Picnics at 'Your Site'

Provide lunch for your employees plus FUN over their noon hour at your business!

The On-Site Company Picnic package has Nottawa Fruit Farm coming to your company's facilities and provide a lunch for your employees ranging from a sack-type to a bountiful "all-you-can-eat" Picnic Buffet. We can further offer additional fun and laughs by bringing two of our most popular contests with us-Cow Milking Contest & Water Balloon Slingshot Contest

This type of event provides a "Change of Pace" activity at your site during your employees" workday. It also furnishes an opportunity for the presentation of various awards, i.e., safety, attendance, etc. Most of all, it adds a "special touch" to a day at work for your employees. Hosting an "On-Site Company Picnic" provides a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate appreciation to employees by creating an informal, yet festive, social atmosphere at the workplace. Pricing is done per individual based on the menu selection; included in the cost are the aforementioned special activities. (Please note that scheduling needs to be done with respect to the Farm's other seasonal commitments.)

Fee Structure:
Sack-type Lunch--$6.00 (incl dessert) - minimum 50
Picnic Buffet--$9.00
150 (minimum) -- 300 (maximum)

An Evening at the Farm

An ideal way for small businesses to reward employees on the Farm!

The Evening at the Farm package is offered to those organizations that cannot meet the minimum requirement of 100 participants necessary for the traditional Company Picnic. It is an ideal event for smaller organizations and bussinesses to provide their employees and families a "Company Picnic" situation. This option offers employees and their families an "All-you-can-eat" Picnic Buffet and activities and appropriate small prizes. Your Activities include: Water Balloon Slingshot Hayride, Feeding Animals, Straw Tunnels, Golf Chipping, Milking Contest, Musical Characters. Your "Evening on the Farm" can be scheduled from 5:30--7:45, weeknights. (Please note that scheduling needs to be done with respect to the Farm's other seasonal commitments.)

Fee Structure:
Minimum Fee: $500--includes up to 40 participants
$12 per person over the minimum of 40
**additional drawings and/or door prizes at the host's discretion

Family Fun Day at the Farm

Reserve a fun-filled afternoon for your employees' children!

The Family Fun Day at the Farm package is an afternoon of popular activities designed solely for the children of your employees. The event has a flexible time frame that appeals to today's busy lifestyle; it permits an employee's family to just drop-in or to stay the entire afternoon. The activities include, but are not limited to, going on a Hayride, crawling in the Straw Tunnels with a flashlight, feeding the Animals, riding the John Deere Pedal Tractors, walking the Wheel of Fun, milking a "Cow," shooting wth the Water Balloon Slingshot. A seasonal addition could be Smores in the fall for your "Family Fun Day at the Farm." (Please note that scheduling needs to be done with respect to the Farm's other seasonal commitments.)

Fee Structure:
Snacks--$3.00 per Person
Activities--$5.00 per Child
$850 (total dollar minimum)

Fall Family Fun Day at the Farm

Give vouchers for your employees' families to use on ANY Fall weekend!

The Fall Family Fun at the Farm in October is a newly developed package which would allow your company to disperse discounted vouchers (see Fee Structure below) to be used by the children of your emloyees. The normal admission to "Fall Family Fun" is $10.95 per child--as always, adults are free. It is a great, fun-filled afternoon of eight sequential, very popular activities designed for the children of your employees. In addition to all the fun, children while on the hayride pick out a large pumpkin from the field to take home.

As a Company, you may choose to have all of the children's vouchers redeemable on the same Saturday or Sunday in October-allowing for social gathering of sorts, or make them good for ANY October weekend of the families' choice. Other options are available to meet your company's needs.

For questions about the available PICNIC options or reservations, please Contact Us.